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The first conference of Gynecology Associations in Iraq
The first conference of Gynecology Associations in Iraq
Under the slogan (yes .... Iraqi women deserve) ..

auspices of the Minister of Health, Dr. Adela H. Hussein , and the presence of United Medical Company (unimedica), opened on 22/04/2015 the first conference of Medical Gynecology Associations in Iraq , and saw a large crowd Conference of Gynecology doctors.

United Medical Company (unimedica) number of Ultrasound (mindray), announced that the United Medical Company for access to and from the US Agency Medgyn company.

To complement a wide range of Gynecology and Ultrasound requirements.

The company also decided to activate the work of free delivery for all products medical supplies and laboratory in order to facilitate the delivery of products to users with ease.

United Medical Company and the University of Sharjah as well as put the final and official announcement of the private diploma Ultrasound Gynecology and Obstetrics (basic), which will be the second where it was first set up a Diploma (Advanced) by nearly six months.

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